60 minutes in person: $80
60 minutes mobile service in home/office:  $100
30 minutes distance by phone:  $80

3 session package $192 (In person only)

The term 'exchanges' is like a cousin to 'pricing.' Both terms reflect the process of assigning value to goods and services, often measured in terms of money. This valuation process mirrors the idea of an energy exchange, a bit like the principles of Reiki, where the effort, resources, and time invested in creating something hold a certain energy. When people engage in economic exchanges, they're essentially trading this energy, represented by money, for the products or services they want. It's akin to the way Reiki practitioners believe in channeling and balancing energies – in this case, it's about the energy of creation and consumption flowing through the channels of commerce.

What is Reiki

Reiki (pronounced RAY KEE) is a Japanese word that’s translated as “universal life force energy”. It is an energy healing technique that promotes deep relaxation through the gentle touch of the Reiki practitioner. Naturally heighten your energy frequency patterns for relief from emotional stress, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, relationship issues and more.
The practitioner acts as a conduit as the energy flows through the practitioner’s hands to you. Reiki is always safe. Reiki supports and accelerates the body’s natural healing abilities.

Reiki has been successfully used to speed recovery after surgery, and to support patients undergoing cancer treatments. Many hospitals offer Reiki to their patients to be used in conjunction with conventional medical treatments.

Reiki does not require any belief, simply the willingness to experience it. The
National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) classifies Reiki as a form of energy medicine.

What to expect during your Reiki session: Your will lie on a massage table or sit in a chair fully clothed as the practitioner very lightly places their hands on your body or a few inches above the body. Unlike massage, there is no physical manipulation. Expect to feel deeply relaxed during and after the session.

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Micki Rickard, Reiki Master Practitioner
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